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$10hr + Tips 

11-5 PM M-F

Occasionally Weekends

We have an exciting part-time opportunity for a Cashier/Kitchen position, perfect for young adults in college low paced allowing you to study and get homework done. This role requires some availability on weekends, making it an ideal fit for high schoolers during summer breaks or after school. As a Cashier/Kitchen team member, you'll have the chance to take customer snack orders, prepare them with care, and deliver excellent customer service. Your fun and bubbly personality will thrive in our relaxed and supportive environment, making it a perfect job for those looking for a positive work experience. We encourage growth and offer a fun and encouraging atmosphere for you to develop your skills. Bilingual abilities are a plus, as we value diversity and aim to better serve our diverse customer base. Join us and be part of a rewarding and fulfilling experience as you embark on this exciting opportunity.

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working for millennials is a lot more fun!

Meet The Owners of Fruity Mas

The Millennial Fruiteria & Café

Sheira A.

Meet Sheira A., a dynamic Latina entrepreneur, marketing genius, proud mother of four, and talented graphic designer.


She plays a pivotal role in shaping and marketing all the exciting ideas at Fruity Mas. With her creative prowess and strategic mindset, she brings a unique visual aesthetic to the brand, capturing the essence of their innovative concepts. Sheira's dedication to advocating for minority groups and breaking generational cycles adds an inspiring dimension to her work, making her a driving force for positive change.


Her fearlessness, authenticity, and unwavering passion make her an exceptional presence in the world of entrepreneurship.

Latina Sisters in Georgetown, Texas open a modern fruteria.
Latinas sisters open a modern fruit shop in Georgetown, Texas

Valeria A.

Introducing Valeria A., the creative force and sister of Sheira. Valeria's imagination knows no bounds as she constantly generates innovative ideas and delectable recipes. Whether it's concocting mouthwatering dishes or brainstorming exciting concepts, her creativity shines through. During her free time, Valeria finds joy in the company of her beloved dogs, cherishing every moment spent with her furry friends. Her passion for culinary arts and her love for animals are two pillars that bring her fulfillment and inspiration. Valeria's boundless creativity, warm heart, and nurturing spirit make her a remarkable individual, leaving a positive impact in both the culinary world and her personal life.

We do it for the Culture!

At Fruity Mas, we are driven by a passion for culture. As millennials, we have grown tired of the unrealistic expectations and toxic work environments that plague many industries. Micro-managing, lack of care for employees, and overall toxicity have no place in our millennial fruteria. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. That's why we have established a culture and set of rules that prioritize the well-being and happiness of our team. We are committed to breaking the mold and setting new standards, where empathy and positivity thrive, creating an inclusive and empowering work environment.

Respect & Value Every Team Member

We believe in treating each team member with dignity and recognizing their unique contributions to our fruteria's success.

Honest Communication

Foster Open Communication: Encouraging transparent and open communication channels allows for the free flow of ideas, feedback, and concerns among all team members.

Embrace Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that our team members have time for personal pursuits and self-care.

Cultivate a growth Mindset

We promote a culture of continuous learning and personal development, supporting team members in their professional growth and providing opportunities for skill enhancement.

Create a Supportive Environment

Our fruteria is a safe and supportive space, where team members can rely on one another, collaborate, and provide assistance when needed.

Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our team, fostering an inclusive environment where different perspectives and backgrounds are valued and respected.  

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